DBeaver Documentation


Eclipse extensions

You can install a lot of optional extensions (plugins) in DBeaver. Most of the extensions can be found on the Eclipse Marketplace website.

DBeaver specific extensions

Popular 3rd party extensions for Eclipse and DBeaver

Install Process

In DBeaver EE you can use drag-n-drop from the Marketplace web site (see button Install) in the DBeaver main window. This will launch the Marketplace installation wizard automatically. In the DBeaver Community or other DBeaver-based products which do not include marketplace clients, you can use the following instructions:

Extension installation in CE version

  1. Copy URL of extension update site:
  2. In the DBeaver main menu open Help -> Install New Software
  3. Paste update site URL into Work with field and press Enter
  4. Check items you wish to install (in most cases just all items)
  5. Click Next. You may need to accept the extension license before installing
  6. Some extensions may contain unsigned bundles. Only install such extensions if you really trust the author.
  7. Click Next->Finish. The installation will take some time. Restart DBeaver.