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Unit Tests

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DBeaver uses tycho-surefire to run JUnit tests in the OSGi environment. This fact may slightly complicate the process of writing and running unit tests for DBeaver. Let's take a look at possible ways to do that.

Using UNIX shell

Suppose we introduced some changes to our code and want to run the tests. It is actually quite easy:

$ cd /path/to/project/
$ mvn clean install 

This compiles the project and runs unit tests.

If we only want to run unit tests:

$ cd test
$ mvn clean verify

The unit tests are separated into bundles. If you only want to run tests from a specific bundle, navigate to that bundle and run mvn clean verify there.

It is also worth pointing out that you need to recompile the whole project with mvn clean install after every change in the project's codebase before running unit tests, otherwise, you will be running tests against the previous version and it may lead to all sorts of confusion.