CloudBeaver Documentation


Develop in IDEA

Eclipse RCP launcher generator for IDEA


  • Clone repositories
    git clone 
    git clone
    git clone
    git clone
    git clone
    git clone
  • Build product with maven (it is needed to generate sources and assemble TypeScript frontend).
    See prerequisites in Build-and-deploy
    cd cloudbeaver/deploy
  • Download and unpack Eclipse IDE from (we recommend to use Eclipse for RCP and RAP developers package)
  • Launch Eclipse IDE and install all dependencies (use Help->Install new software):
  • Launch IntelliJ IDEA
  • In IntelliJ IDEA set variable ECLIPSE_PATH to the location where Eclipse IDE is installed (Settings->Appearance and Behavior->Path variables).
  • Delete legacy jsch plugin from Eclipse installation (to avoid compilation problems in IDEA)
    rm <ECLIPSE_PATH>/plugins/com.jcraft.jsch_0.1.*.jar 
  • Open IDEA project (e.g. idea-workspace-cloudbeaver)
  • Build project (CTRL+F9)
  • Execute run configuration Generate CB CE dev props (it will generate RCP config files)
  • Execute run configuration Run CB CE (it will launch CloudBeaver CE)

Now you can debug code in IDEA, modify Java classes on fly, etc.