Release Notes

DBeaver 22.3

December 12 2022
  • General Improvements:
    • SSH jump servers support was added for SSHJ implementation
    • Multi-connections behavior configuration was improved 
    • Visual Query Builder: Join tables visualization was improved
    • New database drivers: Influx2, CouchBase3, OpenSearch, Fujitsu, TimeStream, Oracle Cloud JSON
  • Data Editor
    • Refresh and row counts icons were updated 
    • Export options in UI were improved
    • The top and bottom action toolbars were redesigned
  • SQL Editor
    • Auto-completion with the TAB key was implemented
    • Big SQL files support was improved (automatic disablement of syntax validation)
  • Data Transfer:
    • The issue with the SMTP configuration was resolved 
    • The display of a warning about override output files on data export to file was added
    • Columns auto-mappings were improved (case-insensitive search)
    • Export to XLSX now supports different modes for spreadsheet rows append
    • The description column was added to XLSX format (configurable)
    • The tables/column mapping dialog was improved
  • Cloud Explorer & S3 Browser:
    • Microsoft Azure support for SQL Server was added 
    • The option to create folders in S3 using File Explorer was added
    • Google BigQuery and Google Spanner were added to the Cloud Explorer 
    • GCP support in the Cloud Explorer was improved 
  • Clickhouse:
    • Clickhouse Cloud support was added
    • Execution Plan support was added
    • SSL connection configuration support was added
    • UUID data type support was added
    • Datetime64 data type support was added
  • Teradata:
    • Macros support has been added 
    • LDAP to connection settings was added 
  • Snowflake:
    • Java 17 support was added
    • Stored procedure and functions management was added
Detailed DBeaver PRO 22.3 release notes.

DBeaver 22.2

September 12 2022
SQL Editor  New Features
  • Introducing SQL Terminal which captures the query statement, query results and messages in text format. The SQL Terminal updates to append each SQL query creating a visual history of statements run, the corresponding result set, and any messages in one view. The new terminal is enabled by selecting the terminal icon on the SQL Editor screen. 
  • Generate DDL from resultset enables DDL script for table creation while reviewing query results. Open the metadata panel and click DDL button. 
Data Editor New Features
  • Visualisation of arrays and multi-row data types for relational & NoSQL databases. Introduces the capability for cell expansion to see all lines in an array by selecting the down arrow icon within the data editor window. 
  • Excel-like behaviour for inline data editing when selecting ‘Enter’ after values are entered in a cell, the value will be saved and the field focus will move automatically to the next row. This feature is disabled by default, to enable go to settings (Preferences > Select next cell after line item).
General UI New Features
  • Default embedded browser was changed to Microsoft Edge after Internet Explorer’s long awaited retirement. Browser view is used for GIS data and other browser based user elements.
Data Transfer New Features
  • Target table properties (such as engine, charset, etc) were added in the import wizard for data transfer. Table property values entered will automatically be included in Target DDL creation script. To set table properties, access the import wizard and select the ‘Table Properties’ tab. 
  • Multiple improvements to data transfer capabilities. Configuration was added to enable or disable the header within CSV and TXT formats when exporting to the same file multiple times. Target DDL generator now checks for naming conflicts within existing non-table objects for the target table. See complete list of all improvements in detailed release notes.
Database Management New Improvements
  • Oracle:
    • Generate DDLs for Scheduler Jobs
    • Oracle Cloud database connection issue was fixed
  • Redis:
    • Connect by URL, SSL support, and Cluster support
  • S3 Browser:
    • Copying files from DBeaver with drag and drop was fixed
    • XML/JSON files not opening in DBeaver was fixed
  See complete list of improvements and fixes in detailed 22.2 release notes.

DBeaver 22.1

June 13 2022
  • Data editor:
    • Option “show whitespaces” was added
    • The ability to select spatial objects on map and data grid was added
    • NoSQL Documents in grid mode now support columns reorder
    • Data type formatting: digit group size option was added, configuration save was fixed
  • SQL editor:
    • Script error visualization is now configurable
    • The command for data export automation was added
    • Schema selector now supports big number of objects
    • Database navigator: connection read-only state switcher was added in the main toolbar/menu
  • Data transfer:
    • The “Ignore duplicated rows” option was added
    • Table mapping “re-create” support was improved
    • “Append to existing file” feature was improved (for CSV, TXT, and XLSX formats)
    • Data transfer in AWS Keyspaces and Cassandra was improved
    • Data compare: changed rows visualization was fixed, MS Access support was added
  • Task manager:
    • Shell command task was added
    • A lot of improvements in task notifications and reporting
    • Possibility to pass external variables for connection configuration was added
  • Entity diagrams:
    • Connected entities highlighting was added
    • Entities and columns search was improved
    • New diagram routing was added
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) support was added:
    • Managed databases drivers were added: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server
    • GCP databases are available in Cloud explorer
    • GCP authentication support was added
    • GCP SSO support was added
    • IAM auth was added to Spanner, BigQuery, and BigTable drivers
  • AWS cloud platform:
    • S3 browser: files drag and drop was improved; file region and size resolve was added
    • GOV regions support was added
  • Windows: DBeaver now supports workspaces on network paths (e.g.\\network-share\workspace)
  • MacOS: an issue with application launch was fixed (problem with plist file modification)
  • Databases:
    • Vertica: metadata performance was significantly improved
    • DB2 i: a lot of improvements in database support
    • Snowflake: metadata read performance was significantly improved
    • DynamoDB: SQL support was significantly improved
    • SQL Server: authentication configuration was redesigned, AD authentication was improved
    • Netezza: metadata read was improved
    • Redis: multi-database clusters support was fixed
  • New database drivers:
    • Databricks
    • Apache Kyuubi
Detailed 22.1 release notes

DBeaver 22.0

March 14 2022
  • Data Editor:
    • Option to highlight selected cell value was added
    • Date/time editor now supports calendar-like UI
    • Сolumn filters edit dialog UI was improved
  • SQL Editor:
    • The issue with app freeze on very complex queries executing was fixed
    • Parameters binding dialog now supports multiline editor
    • Auto-completion now uses the “hippie” completion algorithm by default
  • Data transfer:
    • XLSX import was improved. The problem with column mapping was fixed
    • Export of columns of composite data types support was added
  • AWS S3 browser was added
  • Connectivity:
    • SSH: remote host verification was added
    • Auto-close of IDLE connections option was added (configurable)
    • SAP HANA SSO support was added
    • Snowflake: private key authentication support
  • Session manager: Column grouping was added
  • SQL Server Synapse support was improved (metadata reading)
  • Oracle:
    • Metadata load performance was significantly increased
    • PL/SQL syntax support was improved
  • MongoDB: advanced shell queries support
  • Teradata:
    • Database navigation redesign
    • TLS driver support was added
  • Redis/Elasticache:
    • Now available in Cloud Explorer
    • The issue with the visible of keys in Elasticache was fixed
    • The bug with working the key hierarchy was fixed
  • EDB extension was added
  • Babelfish support was improved
  • New database drivers:
    • SalesForce CDP
    • Apache Kylin
    • Apache Druid
    • Denodo
  • Files drag-n-drop (between DBeaver and OS file explorer) support was added in the project explorer
  • Resource manager: cross-project connection drag-n-drop was improved
  • Chinese, Italian and Japanese localizations were extended
Detailed 22.0 release notes

DBeaver 21.3

December 6 2021
  • Data transfer:
    • Possibility to send exported files by email
    • Configuration settings to improve data import performance
    • Improvements for transfer data in CSV, XLSX and XML formats
    • UI redesign for data transfer wizard
  • Data compare:
    • Configuration of columns to compare
    • Generator of SQL script for differences
  • Schema compare:
    • Progress log visualisation
    • Additional configuration for comparing
    • Special form in the Preferences dialog to import Liquibase Pro licenses key
  • Data viewer: a lot of minor rendering improvements
  • Metadata search: search in object comments, procedures, views, and packages
  • Teradata driver now supports TLS connections and extra metadata objects
  • Redshift, PostgreSQL: new view for database structure browser
  • Netezza: improvements for database metadata reading
  • Oracle: geometry data editor was added
  • SQL Server:
    • MFA authentication support was fixed
    • Geometry editor was added
  • New database drivers: Babelfish and OceanBase
  • Auto-recovery for the query manager database
  • ERD editor: layout improvements
  • Improved dark theme support
  • Possibility to access TLS databases from the corporate environment
  • Security:
    • Project configuration encryption: problems with master password encryption were resolved
    • TLS 1.1/1.0 support
    • SSH jump servers support
  • Apple M1 product package
Detailed 21.3 release notes

DBeaver 21.2

September 7 2021
  • Forward engineering in entity diagrams (ERD) was added
  • Database tasks can be organised in folders now
  • Schema compare in DBeaver supports Liquibase Pro features
  • SSH jump servers support was added
  • Navigator mode “Show all tables in a single list” was added
  • Visual query builder: cross joins support and extra configuration options were added
  • SQL editor: output and log panels UI was improved, script variables panel was added
  • Data editor:
    • Multi-row record mode support was added
    • Row coloring supports LIKE and REGEX conditions now
    • A lot of minor interface improvements were added
  • Enterprise authentication:
    • SSO session refresh/invalidate feature was added
    • Redshift federated authentication configuration was added
    • RDS connections support SSH tunnels
  • Data transfer:
    • Data export from document databases to flat files was improved
    • Multiple improvements in column mappings
    • Configuration for performance tuning was added
  • User password management was added for MySQL, SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle and Netezza
  • MongoDB: SQL queries support was improved: multiple column conditions, BETWEEN
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Multi-column foreign keys support was added
    • Active schema selector was improved
    • All GIS data types support was added
    • Backup/restore in custom format was fixed
  • Redshift: user permission editor was added
Detailed 21.2 release notes

DBeaver 21.1

June 7 2021
  • AWS SSO support was added for AWS databases: RDS, DynamoDB, Redshift and Athena
  • MongoDB:
    • JOINs and conditional operators were added in SQL queries
    • Atlas authorization was improved
    • Client-side JavaScript processing was re-designed
  • Redshift:
    • User and permission management was added
    • Redshift datashares support was added
    • Federated authentication support was added
  • Support for national date formats and unicode was added in Windows scheduler.
  • Metadata read was enhanced for PostgreSQL, Oracle, Informix, Teradata, Netezza, Vertica, Exasol, DB2, Greenplum, SAP HANA, Bigquery and Snowflake.
  • SQL Server:
    • Extended properties editor was added
    • MFA authentication was supported
  • Dark theme support was improved
  • DBeaver migrated to the new Java version 11.0.11
Detailed 21.1 release notes

DBeaver 21.0

Mar 8 2021
  • Changes since 7.0:
    • New NoSQL databases: CouchDB, AWS DocumentDB, AWS Keyspaces, Yugabyte CQL
    • New enterprise extensions for Netezza and Informix
    • New SQL drivers: Trino, SQreamDB
    • Enterprise authentication support: AWS IAM, Oracle Wallet
    • Data transfer: UI redesign, import from XLSX and XML formats, “insert or replace” feature
    • Data compare report configurator
    • Schema compare support for plenty of databases
    • Spatial/GIS viewer: Redshift and SQLite support, possibility to add custom tiles
    • Tasks for all database maintenance tools
    • Navigator: Schema and table statistics view
    • A lot of UI improvements for SQL editor: result tabs, main toolbar, output and log tabs
    • A lot of UI improvements for Data editor: data rendering, highlighting, customisable boolean cells and much more
    • A lot of MacOS bug fixes and support for BigSur
  • Changes since 7.3:
    • Schema compare now supports SQL Server, Snowflake, Netezza, Vertica, SQLite and Firebird
    • Mock data generator: UI redesign and performance improvements
    • Redis/Elasticache: user name/password authentication support was added
    • MongoDB: SQL GROUP BY and aggregation functions support was added
  • Other:
    • We switched to calendar versioning: version 21.0 comes after 7.3.
Detailed 21.0 release notes

DBeaver EE 7.3

Dec 7 2020
Changes since 7.2:
  • New features:
    • DocumentDB support
    • Tasks scheduling for MacOS and Linux
    • Folding for SQL-editor
    • New extension for Informix
    • Action icons for the Navigation tree
    • Quick filters for the Navigation tree
    • SSL support for MS SQL Server
  • Major improvements:
    • MongoDB extension:
      • Aggregate functions support in SQL editor (group by, having)
      • Old MongoDB versions support
      • Multiple data transfer improvements
    • Additional improvements for Netezza metadata support
    • DynamoDB: many enhancements for data editor and SQL editor
  • Other:
    • A lot of fixes for MacOS specific UI issues
Detailed 7.3 release notes

DBeaver EE 7.2

Sep 7 2020
Changes since 7.1:
  • New features:
    • Database statistics in the navigation tree for tables, schemas and databases
    • Tasks for all database maintenance tools
    • CouchDB support
  • Major improvements:
    • Import to database:
      • Import from XLSX
      • Import to the new table
      • Import from multiple files
    • Grouping as a new feature for Visual Query Builder
    • Netezza extension:
      • Native table metadata support: constraints, table distribution, DDL
      • Synonyms support
      • Sequences support
      • Databases and table size statistics
      • Procedure editor
    • DynamoDB support:
      • SQL and JSON queries for data search
      • Table data editor
      • Table filters
    • AWS IAM authentication improvements:
      • Session token support
      • Third-party account access
  • Other:
    • YugabyteDB and SQreamDB drivers
    • 32-bit versions are out of support
Detailed 7.2 release notes

DBeaver EE 7.1

Jun 8 2020
Changes since 7.0:
  • New features:
    • Simplified database structure view
    • Pin (freeze) column in data viewer
    • Advanced authentication:
      • AWS IAM authentication for RDS for MySQL and PostgreSQL
      • Kerberos for PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle and Presto
      • Oracle Wallet authentication
      • PgPass authentication
    • User profiles
    • Netezza extension
  • Major improvements:
    • MongoDB client-side JavaScript processing
    • Redis key filter
    • Exasol support
  • Other:
    • Portuguese (BR) localization was added
    • Japanese localisation was significantly improved
    • Visual query builder UIX was improved

DBeaver EE 7.0

Mar 9 2020
Changes since 6.0:
  • New databases: AWS DynamoDB, Google Bigtable, Couchbase
  • Tasks management:
    • Data transfer
    • Backup-restore
    • SQL scripts execution
    • Composite tasks
    • Task scheduler (Windows)
  • Data viewer and data editor UI major improvements:
    • GIS/geo-spatial viewer
    • Logical columns, primary and foreign keys
    • Reference panel
    • Advanced row coloring
  • SQL editor major improvements:
    • Smart-commit mode
    • Multi-connection mode
    • Enhanced SQL parser and auto-complete proposals
  • Git integration
  • Connectivity:
    • Network configuration profiles support
    • SSH agents and jump servers support
    • Proxy auto-configuration
    • Kerberos support
    • Connections configuration UI was improved
  • Dark theme support was significantly improved
Changes since 6.3:
  • Couchbase support was added
  • MongoDB: connection settings reworked, client-side JavaScript support and other
  • Database tasks (SQL scripts, database export/import, composite tasks)
  • Kerberos/Active Directory authentication support (PostgreSQL and MariaDB)
  • SQL editor (smart-commit mode, column values assistant, multi-connection mode)

DBeaver EE 6.3

Dec 9 2019
Changes since 6.2:
  • New features:
    • Data transfer task management
    • Task scheduler (Windows + CLI)
    • SSH agents and jump servers support
    • Secure (master-password based) project configuration
    • Virtual columns (based on expressions) support
  • Major improvements:
    • Dark theme support and High DPI monitors support
    • A lot of UI and performance improvements in data editor
    • Schema/table ER diagram layout/contents edit
    • Spatial (GIS) viewer (tooltips, coloring, different tiles)
    • Team work (Git) integration
    • SQL editor auto-complete
  • Other:
    • SAP HANA support was significantly improved
    • Data export for DynamoDB and BigTable
    • New drivers: H2GIS, Kognitio, Opendistro
    • MacOS X Catalina support (application notarization)
    • Bundled Java was changed to OpenJDK 11.0.5

DBeaver EE 6.2

Sep 9 2019
Changes since 6.1:
  • New features:
    • Virtual structure for your databases:
      • Add virtual primary keys and foreign keys as an additional structure
      • Link tables between databases
      • Create and keep links on ERD
    • Automatic proxy configuration (auto-detection of enterprise firewall settings)
    • Connection permissions config: restrictions of data/metadata changes for a particular connection or connection type
    • “References” panel in Data viewer: browse values by foreign and reference keys
    • Simple (flat) geometry support for geometry viewer
    • “Delete cascade” feature in Data viewer
    • Java 11 support
  • Major improvements:
    • Big security improvements: all user credentials are kept separately
    • Data viewer UI/UX simplification
    • Support for version control systems (e.g. Git)
    • Network configuration profiles: share profiles between connections
    • Data export/migration from NoSQL databases to csv, json and other formats
    • Transaction management/monitoring was improved
  • Major improvements for databases:
    • Bigtable and DynamoDB support was significantly improved
    • MongoDB: arrays and structures edit suppot was added
    • Redis: support of Redis cluster/Enterprise Redis
    • Cassandra: custom address translator support
    • Presto/Hive: support of struct/array data types
    • PostgreSQL: extension and partitions management
  • New databases:
    • SQLite Cipher (encrypted SQLite databases)
    • Google Spanner
    • SQL Server Data Warehouse

DBeaver EE 6.1

Jun 10 2019
Changes since 6.0:
  • New features:
  • Database schema compare/migrate tool was added
    • Supports most of relational databases with JDBC drivers
    • Visual diff representation (tree or ERD)
    • Generates DDL, Liquibase changesets or plaintext reports
  • GIS (geospatial) data viewer was added.
    • Supports MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Oracle native data types.
    • Renders geometry/geography types on the map (OSM)
    • Exports data as WKT or image. Opens maps in web browser.
    • Spatial formats are cross-database compatible
  • New cloud databases support was added:
    • Amazon DynamoDB
    • Google BigTable
  • Major improvements:
    • MongoDB:
      • SSL connectivity was improved (Atlas support was added)
      • A lot of fixes in document editor
    • Redis: keys edit/delete support was added
    • SQL Server:
      • Driver version was upgraded (AD MSI authentication)
      • Execution plan visualization was added
    • A lot of minor improvements for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite
    • SQL execution plan UI was improved: “heavy” path visualization was changed, plan save/load was added
    • Export to XLSX: performance was greatly improved
    • Data viewer UI: advanced data coloring was implemented, toolbars and panels UX was redesigned
    • ERD customization: configuration of element colors, transparency, border and font settings was added
    • Database navigator context menus and actions were redesigned
    • Korean localization was added
    • We have migrated 64-bit version of DBeaver to Eclipse 2019-03 and GTK3

DBeaver EE 6.0

Mar 11 2019
Changes since 5.0:
  • Visual Query Builder
  • new way for SQL queries creation
  • Analytical features:
    • Grouping panel
    • Charts presentation based on raw table data
  • Tens of new supported databases including cloud databases in AWS and Azure
  • Huge improvements for SQL Server and PostgreSQL
  • Support of InfluxDB with graphical presentation of timeseries data
  • A lot of UI enhancements including:
    • High screen resolution support
    • Dark Theme improvements
Changes since 5.3.3:
  • New features:
    • Dashboards for monitoring health and state of your database:
      • Pre-defined dashboards for all main databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle
      • Possibility to create own dashboards for any database
    • Graphical view for the execution plan – the new convenient way for traction of your query
    • Permissions view for Cassandra database
    • SSL support for MongoDB
    • New UI for switching between views in the data editor and SQL editor
    • Possibility to create complex data types (structures, arrays)
  • Major improvements:
    • Data migration improvements:
      • Mapping for migration from one database to another
      • Export from multiple queries
      • Export to one file from multiple tables
    • Support of GIS (geospatial) data types
    • A lot of fixes for dark theme
    • A lot of fixes and additions for PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle
  • New databases:
    • Apache Ignite
    • MapD
    • CrateDB
    • Dremio

DBeaver EE 5.3.3

Jan 21 2019
  • New features:
    • New view for the new connection dialog
    • Menu “Open with” for opening results in Excel and browser
    • Java 11 support
    • Silent installation support for Windows installer
  • Major UI improvements:
    • Data transfer dialog was significantly improved and redesigned
    • Dark theme support was improved
  • The wide range of new features, enhancements and bug fixes for databases:
    • MS SQL Server
    • PostgreSQL
    • Greenplum
    • Exasol (version 6.1 support)
    • Redis in AWS
  • New databases:
    • MonetDB
  • Many minor UI fixes and improvements

DBeaver EE 5.3

Dec 10 2018
  • New features:
    • Charts as an additional view in Data Editor, Grouping panel and results of SQL request
    • Various options of words highlighting in SQL Editor
    • Support for script sharing in Git: information about connection can be stored in the SQL script now
    • Data migration from SQL databases to MongoDB and Cassandra
    • Administrative panel for remote connections management for PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, MariaDB and MongoDB.
    • Easy way to install additional extensions
    • Tip of the day
  • Major UI improvements:
    • Metadata Editor was completely renewed.
    • Keyboard shortcuts were reworked to fit various languages and OSes better.
    • A lot of new options were added to preferences for better flexibility and drivers tuning.
    • Support for Darkest Dark theme was added.
    • SQL completion proposals was improved: better objects search, better performance.
    • German, Chinese and Russian localization were significantly improved.
  • New databases:
    • Google BigQuery
    • Microsoft Azure
    • DBF files
  • The wide range of new features for databases:
    • MS SQL Server: new advanced extension with all main specific features support
    • Apache Hive/Spark/Impala:
      • table data edit support
      • table/view source reading
      • driver version upgrade
    • Greenplum: native metadata support
    • AWS Athena: new special connection page
    • AWS Redshift
    • Google BigTables
    • PostgreSQL
    • Oracle
    • Firebird
    • Clickhouse
    • Cockroach

DBeaver EE 5.2

Sep 10 2018
  • New features:
    • Visual Query Builder – the new simple way to construct SQL queries
    • Import from CSV files: direct import from CSV into your database table(s)
    • Native database backup and restore for MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL
    • Support for special security tools:
      • SSH over SOCK proxy support
      • Advanced cryptography and authentication algorithms
  • Major UI improvements:
    • Connection manager interface was significantly simplified.
    • Entity diagram design became more convenient and attractive.
    • Quick access to all main controls in the SQL-editor was implemented.
    • SQL formatter and autocompletion was significantly improved.
    • Mockdata generator now works for MongoDB and Cassandra
  • New supported databases:
    • InfluxDB:
      • Full support of InfluxQL
      • Time series charts rendering
      • Database schema browser
    • TimescaleDB: timeseries database based on SQL interface
    • AWS Redshift: brand new driver with Redshift specific features
    • Yellowbrick: super-fast analytical database
    • CockroachDB: distributed SQL database built for data survival
    • Elasticsearch: JDBC driver for Elasticsearch SQL
    • Other: AWS Athena, Progress OpenEdge
  • New driver versions for:
    • PostgreSQL 10+
    • MySQL 8.x
    • Apache Hive 1.2+
    • Cassandra 3.5.1
    • MongoDB 3.8.0
    • Snowflake: new connection page design
  • The wide range of administration features was added for:
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL/MariaDB
    • Oracle
    • MS SQL server
    • SAP Hana
    • Vertica

DBeaver EE 5.1

June 11 2018
  • UI was significantly improved:
    • a possibility to expand the filter field for the long requests was added
    • high resolution screen was supported
    • some icons were updated
    • problems with editable fields were fixed
  • New analytical features:
    • a new panel for data grouping was added
    • existing aggregation panel was improved (and renamed into Calc)
  • Interaction with data in result viewer table was simplified:
    • drag-n-drop for columns was improved
    • navigation by links was improved
    • some shortcuts were replaced for to avoid conflicts with native OS shortcuts
  • SQL Editor became more stable and clear:
    • memory and resource leaks were fixed,
    • SQL formatting was made more clear
    • procedures were added to the autocomplete function
  • Data in a user-specific format can be generated through the Mock data generator
  • New formats were added to Data Export:
    • Markdown and DbUnit formats were added
    • Export to XLS format was improved
    • Export to SQL INSERT was fixed
  • New improvements for ER-diagrams:
    • Columns and tables can be copied from the ERD
    • Export to images and SVG was fixed
    • Drag-n-drop was improved
  • Search in query history was added
  • Database-specific improvements:
    • Postgres:
      • stored procedures debugger was added
      • permissions editor was significantly improved
      • active schema switch was redesigned
      • a lot of metadata read/edit functions were added
      • PostgreSQL v10 support was improved
    • MySQL: MySQL v8 support was added.
    • MariaDB: packages support was added
    • Oracle:
      • JDBC driver version was upgraded to 12g
      • expired password change support was added
      • timezone support was added
      • jobs scheduling was added
      • PL/SQL parser was improved
      • error position detection was improved
      • metadata read was improved
    • SQL Server: metadata read/edit was improved
    • MongoDB:
      • JSON renderer was improved
      • date/time attributes renderer was fixed
    • Cassandra:
      • Support for complex data types was added: text columns viewer, collections of complex types, tuple types support, UDT support
      • materialized view DDL was added
      • error position detection was added
    • Vertica:
      • table columns editor was added
      • metadata reading was improved
    • DB2: table columns editor was added
    • Redshift, Firebird: driver version was updated

DBeaver EE 5.0

March 12 2018
DBeaver EE 5.0 is the first major Enterprise version release. Tons of bugfixes and improvements oriented on enterprise customers were made. A few extra enterprise databases were added in the list.
  • New features
    • Mockdata generator (EE version bundled with advanced generators).
    • Referencing foreign keys navigation in results viewer
    • JOINs auto-complete in SQL editor
    • Git integration (using external Eclipse Git plugin)
  • General improvements
    • Chinese, German, French and Russian localizations were significantly improved. UI language can be changed in preferences
    • Icons were replaced with new custom DBeaver icon set
    • HighDPI monitors support has been improved
    • Some keyboard shortcuts were fixed (conflicts with MacOS/Linux OS shortcuts)
    • Auto-reconnect feature has been added (optional, can be configured in preferences)
    • SQL editor: extra warnings, stored procedures quick execute, syntax highlighting and other features were added
    • Connection properties dialog was improved
    • Results viewer has been improved (grid and plaintext UI renderer, UI, data types coloring)
    • Foreign keys/references navigation was improved
    • A lot of small UI fixes was added
  • Database specific
    • GIS (geometry) data types support was added to MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL
    • Ref cursors support was fixed for PostgreSQL and Oracle.
    • Objects DDL generate was improved in Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL
    • Extra metadata objects support was added for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, HANA, Firebird
    • PostgreSQL: role permission management was implemented
    • MS SQL and Sybase : schema/tables list reading was fixed (including older SQL Server versions)
    • MS SQL: modern Microsoft driver was added
    • Sybase/SAP ASE: native jConnect driver configuration was added
    • Vertica: extra features support was added (flex tables, projections), driver is bundled in distribution.
    • Firebird: Jaybird 3.0 driver support was added
    • Snowflake extension has been added
    • MongoDB: multiple bugfixes, datetime data type support was improved
    • Cassandra: list, set and map data types support was improved. Driver TCP/IP configuration was added.
    • A lof of small db-specific bugfixes and improvements

DBeaver EE 4.3

December 11 2017
DBeaver EE version 4.3 is the first real Enterprise version. We are thankful to everyone who have bought DBeaver licenses and thus supported our development efforts. And we are really inspired by the multiple things that we can do for the product thanks to the Enterprise version. When working on this release, we mostly concentrated on the standard workflow for big customers and attempted to simplify the integration process of DBeaver to a corporate environment. Here are the main features that were added to DBeaver version 4.3:
  • All major database drivers included in distribution: Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Vertica, CSV, Derby, Firebird, H2, Apache Hive, HSQLDB, Informix, SQL Server, Sybase, ODBC, MS Access
  • MacOS X installer (PKG)
  • no need to setup Java any more
  • Eclipse plugin version
  • DBeaver now based on the most recent Eclipse 4.7 platform
  • Java 9 support
  • Office integration: opening query results directly in Excel/Calc
  • Vertica extension: support of native Vertica metadata model
  • Configuration of new drivers: OrientDB, Neo4j, Solr, Cloudera Impala, CUBRID, PrestoDB
  • Chinese, Russian and German localizations fixed and added back to default distribution
  • Improved HighDPI monitors support
  • Fixed connectivity problems for Mongo DB: SSH tunnels, replica sets, etc.
  • Fixed key browser in the multi-database mode for Redis
  • Major changes for results viewer:
    • Referencing tables navigation
    • Viewer zoom support
    • Data types coloring
  • Improved multi-cell copy-paste support
  • ERD: diagrams custom coloring, export in SVG format
  • Many fixes and improvements in SQL auto-complete, auto-format and specific dialects support
  • Major user interface improvements
  • A lot of minor UI fixes

DBeaver EE 4.2

September 10 2017
  • Sample database (SQLite) is included in DBeaver distribution
  • Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Vertica drivers are included in DBeaver distribution
  • Results viewer: save filters settings for each table
  • Results viewer: columns reordering with drag-n-drop
  • Results viewer: open in Excel
  • Results viewer: dark theme support was improved
  • Results viewer: copy column names/row numbers configuration
  • Custom (named) object filters support was added
  • SQL editor: variables support was fixed (global vars)
  • SQL editor: quoted identifiers support was improved
  • ERD: bring to front/send to back, notes coloring
  • ERD: export in SVG
  • SQL editor: delimiters transform utility
  • Database navigator: additional view customisation
  • Full-text search processor was fixed (fail on first error)
  • MySQL: local client detection was fixed, multiple metadata reading fixes
  • PostgreSQL: XML values view/edit were fixed
  • PostgreSQL: SSL configuration was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: access methods/operators metadata support was added
  • PostgreSQL: database dump wizard was improved
  • Exasol: object comments support was improved, DEFINE command support was added
  • SQL Server: support of [] quotes
  • Informix: active database change was added
  • Informix: metadata reading was fixed and improved
  • Redshift: driver version was updated
  • Drivers download was fixed
  • EE version Windows installer was fixed
  • A number of minor UI bugs (including UI freeze issues) were fixed