Release Notes

DBeaver EE 5.0

March 12 2018

DBeaver EE 5.0 is the first major Enterprise version release. Tons of bugfixes and improvements oriented on enterprise customers were made. A few extra enterprise databases were added in the list.

  • New features
    • Mockdata generator (EE version bundled with advanced generators).
    • Referencing foreign keys navigation in results viewer
    • JOINs auto-complete in SQL editor
    • Git integration (using external Eclipse Git plugin)
  • General improvements
    • Chinese, German, French and Russian localizations were significantly improved. UI language can be changed in preferences
    • Icons were replaced with new custom DBeaver icon set
    • HighDPI monitors support has been improved
    • Some keyboard shortcuts were fixed (conflicts with MacOS/Linux OS shortcuts)
    • Auto-reconnect feature has been added (optional, can be configured in preferences)
    • SQL editor: extra warnings, stored procedures quick execute, syntax highlighting and other features were added
    • Connection properties dialog was improved
    • Results viewer has been improved (grid and plaintext UI renderer, UI, data types coloring)
    • Foreign keys/references navigation was improved
    • A lot of small UI fixes was added
  • Database specific
    • GIS (geometry) data types support was added to MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL
    • Ref cursors support was fixed for PostgreSQL and Oracle.
    • Objects DDL generate was improved in Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL
    • Extra metadata objects support was added for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, HANA, Firebird
    • PostgreSQL: role permission management was implemented
    • MS SQL and Sybase : schema/tables list reading was fixed (including older SQL Server versions)
    • MS SQL: modern Microsoft driver was added
    • Sybase/SAP ASE: native jConnect driver configuration was added
    • Vertica: extra features support was added (flex tables, projections), driver is bundled in distribution.
    • Firebird: Jaybird 3.0 driver support was added
    • Snowflake extension has been added
    • MongoDB: multiple bugfixes, datetime data type support was improved
    • Cassandra: list, set and map data types support was improved. Driver TCP/IP configuration was added.
    • A lof of small db-specific bugfixes and improvements

DBeaver EE 4.3

December 11 2017

DBeaver EE version 4.3 is the first real Enterprise version. We are thankful to everyone who have bought DBeaver licenses and thus supported our development efforts. And we are really inspired by the multiple things that we can do for the product thanks to the Enterprise version.

When working on this release, we mostly concentrated on the standard workflow for big customers and attempted to simplify the integration process of DBeaver to a corporate environment.

Here are the main features that were added to DBeaver version 4.3:

  • All major database drivers included in distribution: Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Vertica, CSV, Derby, Firebird, H2, Apache Hive, HSQLDB, Informix, SQL Server, Sybase, ODBC, MS Access
  • MacOS X installer (PKG)
  • no need to setup Java any more
  • Eclipse plugin version
  • DBeaver now based on the most recent Eclipse 4.7 platform
  • Java 9 support
  • Office integration: opening query results directly in Excel/Calc
  • Vertica extension: support of native Vertica metadata model
  • Configuration of new drivers: OrientDB, Neo4j, Solr, Cloudera Impala, CUBRID, PrestoDB
  • Chinese, Russian and German localizations fixed and added back to default distribution
  • Improved HighDPI monitors support
  • Fixed connectivity problems for Mongo DB: SSH tunnels, replica sets, etc.
  • Fixed key browser in the multi-database mode for Redis
  • Major changes for results viewer:
    • Referencing tables navigation
    • Viewer zoom support
    • Data types coloring
  • Improved multi-cell copy-paste support
  • ERD: diagrams custom coloring, export in SVG format
  • Many fixes and improvements in SQL auto-complete, auto-format and specific dialects support
  • Major user interface improvements
  • A lot of minor UI fixes

DBeaver EE 4.2

September 10 2017

  • Sample database (SQLite) is included in DBeaver distribution
  • Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Vertica drivers are included in DBeaver distribution
  • Results viewer: save filters settings for each table
  • Results viewer: columns reordering with drag-n-drop
  • Results viewer: open in Excel
  • Results viewer: dark theme support was improved
  • Results viewer: copy column names/row numbers configuration
  • Custom (named) object filters support was added
  • SQL editor: variables support was fixed (global vars)
  • SQL editor: quoted identifiers support was improved
  • ERD: bring to front/send to back, notes coloring
  • ERD: export in SVG
  • SQL editor: delimiters transform utility
  • Database navigator: additional view customisation
  • Full-text search processor was fixed (fail on first error)
  • MySQL: local client detection was fixed, multiple metadata reading fixes
  • PostgreSQL: XML values view/edit were fixed
  • PostgreSQL: SSL configuration was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: access methods/operators metadata support was added
  • PostgreSQL: database dump wizard was improved
  • Exasol: object comments support was improved, DEFINE command support was added
  • SQL Server: support of [] quotes
  • Informix: active database change was added
  • Informix: metadata reading was fixed and improved
  • Redshift: driver version was updated
  • Drivers download was fixed
  • EE version Windows installer was fixed
  • A number of minor UI bugs (including UI freeze issues) were fixed