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Ultimate Edition

DBeaver Ultimate Edition (UE) is a commercial version of DBeaver. The Ultimate license (UE) is provided as an annual subscription with the possibility of renewal.

The UE version's special feature is AWS cloud integration in the form of Cloud databases explorer which is an interface for easy management of the cloud data sources. In addition to that Ultimate edition includes all features of the CE version plus:

  • All popular JDBC drivers are included in the UE distribution so you will not need to download/configure them separately.
  • Support of Databases:
Cloud Databases NoSQL Databases Embedded
Apache Cassandra Google BigTable WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)
MongoDB AWS Keyspaces
InfluxDB AWS DocumentDB
Couchbase AWS Timestream
CouchDB AWS DynamoDB
Yugabyte CQL AWS Neptune
  • Additional UE plugins:
    • Office formats support (XLS) for data import
    • Visual Query Builder
    • Schema/table compare, diff DDL generation
    • Data compare
    • Analytical charts rendering
    • Persistent query database. Search in query history
    • Eclipse Marketplace (provides easy installation of any additional Eclipse plugins)
    • Mock data generators
    • Version control support
    • Automatic proxy configuration (PAC)
    • ERD edit mode
    • Retaining query history (after restart)
    • SQL execution plan diagram
    • Tasks (Composite Tasks, Email results, Task scheduler)
    • Kerberos UI Authentication
    • Cloud (Cloud Explorer, S3 browser, support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), support for Microsoft Azure, and cloud storage functionality)
    • Spelling
    • Command Line Interface

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