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Ultimate Edition


DBeaver Ultimate Edition is designed for organizations that require advanced data management capabilities. It combines all the functionalities found in the Community, Lite, and Enterprise editions. A notable features of the Ultimate Edition are its extensive cloud integration and Kafka support. This integration offers a unified interface for effective management of different cloud data sources, making it easier to access and manage cloud-hosted databases across various platforms.

Integrated database drivers

Ultimate Edition includes a comprehensive set of JDBC drivers and support for a versatile ODBC driver, offering seamless connectivity to a wide range of databases without the need for separate downloads and configurations. For additional details on utilizing the ODBC driver, please consult the ODBC-JDBC Driver article.

Extended Ultimate Edition features

The Ultimate Edition enhances the functionalities of the Community, Lite, and Enterprise editions by introducing a unique set of features for cloud integration and Apache Kafka support.

  • Cloud Explorer: A tool for managing and connecting cloud-hosted databases. Learn more
    It offers integration with various cloud services:

  • Cloud Storage support: Enables file management within cloud environments of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Learn more

  • Kafka support: Provides integration with Apache Kafka.

Subscription model

DBeaver Ultimate Edition is offered as an annual subscription, which can be renewed to continue receiving updates and support.

By opting for Ultimate Edition, users not only get access to advanced features but also contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of the DBeaver Community Edition.

Discover more about DBeaver Ultimate Edition and subscribe.

Supported databases

The Ultimate Edition provides support for a wide range of databases. The table below details these databases, indicating whether the driver is pre-downloaded and if enhanced features are supported in this edition compared to the Community Edition.

SQL databases
Database name Pre-downloaded driver Enhanced features compared to the Community Edition
Altibase No No
Apache Arrow Yes No
Apache Calcite Avatica Yes Yes
Apache Kylin No No
Azure Databricks No Yes
Azure SQL Server Yes Yes
Babelfish via TDS (beta) Yes Yes
Cache Yes No
ClickHouse Yes No
ClickHouse (Legacy) Yes Yes
CloudSQL - MySQL Yes No
CloudSQL - PostgreSQL Yes Yes
CloudSQL - SQL Server Yes Yes
CockroachDB Yes No
CrateDB Yes No
CrateDB (Legacy) No No
Dameng Yes No
Data Virtuality Yes No
Db2 for IBM i Yes Yes
Db2 for LUW Yes No
Db2 for z/OS Yes Yes
Denodo 8 Yes No
Derby Embedded Yes No
Derby Server Yes No
Dremio Yes No
DuckDB Yes No
EDB Yes Yes
Exasol Yes Yes
Firebird Yes Yes
Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Yes Yes
Google AlloyDB Yes No
Google Cloud Spanner Yes Yes
Greenplum Yes Yes
H2 Embedded Yes Yes
H2 Embedded V.2 Yes No
H2 Server Yes Yes
H2GIS Embedded Yes No
H2GIS Server Yes No
HANA Yes Yes
HSQL Embedded Yes No
HSQL Server Yes No
Informix Yes Yes
Ingres Yes No
InterSystems IRIS Yes No
Jennifer Yes No
Kognitio Yes No
MS Access (UCanAccess) Yes No
MariaDB Yes Yes
Materialize Yes No
MaxDB Yes No
Mimer SQL Yes No
MonetDB No No
MySQL Yes Yes
MySQL 5 (Legacy) Yes Yes
NDB Cluster Yes No
NetSuite No Yes
Netezza Yes Yes
NuoDB Yes No
OceanBase Yes No
Ocient Yes No
OmniSci (formerly MapD) No No
OpenEdge No No
OpenSearch Yes Yes
Oracle Yes Yes
Pervasive SQL No No
PostgreSQL Yes Yes
PrestoDB Yes No
PrestoSQL No No
Raima Yes No
Redshift Yes Yes
RisingWave Yes No
SAP ASE jConnect Yes No
SQL Server Yes Yes
SQL Server (Old driver, jTDS) Yes Yes
SQLite Yes Yes
SQLite Crypt Yes Yes
SQream DB No No
Salesforce No No
Salesforce CDP Yes No
SingleStore No Yes
Snowflake No Yes
StarRocks Yes No
Sybase jConnect Yes Yes
Sybase jTDS Yes Yes
Teradata Yes Yes
TiDB Yes No
Trino Yes No
Vertica Yes Yes
Virtuoso Yes No
Yellowbrick Yes No
YugabyteDB Yes No
Non-SQL databases
Database name Pre-downloaded driver Enhanced features compared to the Community Edition
Apache Drill Yes Yes
Apache Hive Yes Yes
Apache Ignite Yes No
Apache Kyuubi No No
Apache Phoenix Yes No
Apache Spark Yes No
Athena Yes Yes
CSV Yes No
Cassandra Yes Yes
Cloudera Impala No No
CosmosDB (Cassandra) No No
CosmosDB (MongoDB) Yes Yes
CouchDB Yes No
Couchbase Yes No
Couchbase 5+ Yes No
DBF Yes No
DocumentDB Yes No
DynamoDB Yes No
Elasticsearch Yes Yes
Firestore No No
Gemfire XD No No
Google BigQuery Yes No
Google Cloud Bigtable Yes No
InfluxDB Yes No
InfluxDB 2 Yes No
InfluxDB 3 Yes Yes
Kafka (ksqlDB) No No
Keyspaces Yes No
Machbase Yes No
MongoDB Yes Yes
Neo4j Yes No
Neptune Yes No
Open Distro Elasticsearch No Yes
OrientDB Yes No
Redis Yes No
ScyllaDB No No
SnappyData No No
Solr No No
TDengine No Yes
TDengine Cloud No Yes
TimescaleDB Yes No
Timestream Yes No
Yugabyte CQL Yes No

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