DBeaver Documentation

Admin Manage Drivers

Configure drivers with pre-installed jars

You can customize drivers configuration in workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.jkiss.dbeaver.core/drivers.xml file. If you have some pre-installed jar files you can reference them in drivers.xml. Example:

Also in drivers.xml you can use the following variables to specify relative paths:

Variable Meaning
drivers_home Standard DBeaver drivers location - ($workspace/drivers by default)
dbeaver_home DBeaver installation folder
home User home folder
workspace DBeaver workspace path

For instance:

Full drivers.xml example:


Provide predefined drivers configuration

In some cases you may need to provide a driver's configuration or driver jar files for a number of DBeaver installations automatically.
This can be done by adding a special parameter in the dbeaver.ini file: -Ddbeaver.drivers.configuration-file=c:\some-path\dbeaver-drivers-config.xml

This file has the same structure as drivers.xml file (see above) and it will be loaded before drivers.xml.

You can specify partial driver configuration. For example if you need to configure only the jar path then it may look like this: