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New Table Creation

You can create tables, columns, primary keys, and foreign keys using DBeaver. These tools allow you to organize data efficiently and ensure data integrity.


  1. In the Database Navigator, select the necessary database, right-click on Tables and choose Create New Table from the context menu.

  2. In the Properties, specify the table name (by default, a new table is created with the name "NewTable").

  3. To save the table, select the desired table in the editor panel and press Ctrl+S (or CMD+S for Mac OS). Then, choose Persist to save the changes.

    Note: You can also save changes using Top menu -> File -> Save, Persist the changes. Additionally, you can save changes using the Save button at the bottom of the editor panel.


  1. As soon as you set the table name, right-click on the Column screen, and select Create New Column from the context menu.

    Note: Another way to add a new column is to expand the table view in the Database Navigator and Create New Column from the context menu.

  2. In the Edit Attribute window, customize the settings of a column. Adjust the settings as needed, including the Name, Data type, Length, Not null, Auto increment, and Default value of the column.

Primary Keys

  1. In the Properties, move to the Keys tab of the corresponding table, right-click on the pane or window, and Create New Key from the context menu.

  2. Select the column and save.

  3. Once you save the changes, a window will appear displaying the newly created Primary Key.

Foreign Keys

  1. In the corresponding table, click the Foreign Keys tab, right-click on the screen, and Create New Foreign Key from the context menu.

  2. Select the Reference table, Unique Key, and save.

    Note: If needed, specify the desired behavior for when a row is deleted or updated from the main table, using the On Delete and On Update clauses.

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