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Schema compare

Schema compare/migration

You can compare two schemas/databases structure and generate report as:

  • DDL script (series of create/alter/drop statements)
  • Diff diagram (sort of ER diagram)
  • Liquibase change log
  • Liquibase change report (json or plaintext)

Selecting objects to compare

  • Select two objects (schemas, databases or tables) you want to compare
  • Open context menu
  • Open sub-menu Compare/Migrate
  • Click on Compare/Update structure element

Compare settings

Re-validate that you chosen right objects to compare.
You can also specify which changes to process: creates, drops, alters. By default all change types are enabled.

Compare results

Click on Compare Schemas to generate diff report.

By default DDL diff is generated. It contains series of create/alter/drop statements which will modify schema on the right side and thus will make it identical to the schema on the left side.

You can enable/disable particular changes in the tree on the left side of diff page:

You can also switch to another diff report representation (diagram, json, plaintext).