DBeaver Documentation

DB Full Text Search

To do full text search in the database contents, click the arrow next to the Search icon in the main toolbar and then click File Search on the dropdown menu:

Alternatively, you can click the Search button on the main menu and then click the DB Full-Text tab in the Search window:

Now you need to choose the database connection or database objects against which to run the search – expand the tree in the Databases field to the database connections level or further down and select the checkboxes next to the required connections or database objects.
NOTE: The Search button is enabled only when you select the right level of checkboxes – database connections or lower nodes.

You can apply case-sensitive search, fast search and search in numbers and LOBs.

After you click Search, the results open in a Search view:

Double-clicking a row in the Search view opens the respective object in a dedicated Database Object editor.