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JDBC-ODBC bridge

The ODBC driver allows you to create a connection to almost any database in DBeaver by using the native ODBC driver. You can use it as an alternative to the DBeaver driver or if DBeaver does not have a driver for your database.

Note: This feature is only available for Windows in Lite, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.

How to connect to the database via ODBC

First, open the New Database connection and select ODBC (Not ODBC - Legacy). Then, select a desired data source:

You can configure data sources by clicking on the hint below the Data Source field:

If you do not have existing data sources or if you want to configure one manually, switch to Manual mode and select the desired driver. Then fill the host, port, database name, and other parameters:

That's it. You can now save the connection and use it.

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