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Admin Manage Preferences

This guide describes how to set up application preferences through configuration files without even booting it up.

Locating preference files

Preference files have the extension .prefs and can be found in the workspace directory under the following path: .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime/.settings

You might not find a preference file you're interested in if it hasn't been created yet. In that case, you will need to create one yourself. See the examples below to figure out which preference file you need.

Reading and modifying preference files

Preference files consist of key-value pairs glued together with = and separated with a line break:

# file org.jkiss.dbeaver.test.prefs

Default navigator view for new connections

You can place the following preferences in the org.jkiss.dbeaver.core.prefs file:

NameTypeDefault ValueAllowed ValuesDescription
navigator.settings.default.presetstringN/A or simple (Lite Edition)simple, advancedSets the default view mode for new connections
Don't specify this preference if you want to configure a custom preset.
navigator.settings.default.showSystemObjectsbooleanN/Atrue, falseControls whether system objects must be shown.
Used if preset is not specified.
navigator.settings.default.showUtilityObjectsbooleanN/Atrue, falseControls whether utility objects must be shown.
Used if preset is not specified.
navigator.settings.default.showOnlyEntitiesbooleanN/Atrue, falseControls whether only schemas and tables must be shown.
Used if preset is not specified.
navigator.settings.default.mergeEntitiesbooleanN/Atrue, falseControls whether all tables must be shown in a single list.
Used if preset is not specified.

For more information, please see Simple and Advanced View.

Miscellaneous navigator settings

NameTypeDefault ValueAllowed ValuesDescription
navigator.settings.default.connectionPattern string host_or_database expression with variables Pattern for new connections title
navigator.show.folder.placeholders boolean true true or false Show placeholders for special folders (e.g. Scripts)
navigator.sort.case.insensitive boolean true true or false Sort items in case-insensitive mode
navigator.sort.forlers.first boolean true true or false Show folders first

Default transaction settings

NameTypeDefault ValueAllowed ValuesDescription
transaction.smart.commit boolean false true or false Enable smart commit mode
transaction.smart.commit.recover boolean true true or false Return to auto-commit mode after transaction end
transaction.auto.close.enabled boolean false true or false Automatically end (rollback) transaction after idle period
transaction.auto.close.ttl integer 900 integer value Timeout before transaction close
transaction.show.notifications boolean true true or false Show folders first

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