The Project Explorer view displays detailed contents of the currently active project. To open the Project Explorer, click Window -> Project Explorer.

For information on how to change the view layout, please see the Application Window Overview article.

The title of the Project Explorer includes the name of the project: Project – [Project name]. General is a project that initially exists in the system by default.

The Project Explorer displays the content of a project with metadata. The content includes: Bookmarks, ER Diagrams, and Scripts. The metadata appears in columns which you can hide or show.

The Project Explorer view provides a toolbar that contains the following buttons:

Button Name Description
Configure columns visibility Opens a dialog box in which you can select columns to display in the view
Collapse All Collapses the tree to the root level
Expand All Expands the tree nodes
Link with editor - Enabled when at least one editor is open, otherwise disabled
- Highlights the object in the tree that has its editor open

To sort the metadata in the table by a certain column, click the column header.