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Composite Tasks

Note: This functionality is available only in Enterprise Edition.

As the name suggests, the composite task is a type of task that consists of other tasks. Just like the other type of tasks, the composite tasks can be scheduled via Task Scheduler. Let's take a look at what they can offer.

Creating a composite task

The first thing we need to open Create a task dialog. You can do it in multiple ways:

  • From the context menu in the database navigator -> Tools -> Create new task... -> Composite task

  • By clicking Database -> Tasks -> Create new task... -> Composite task

  • From the context menu in the Database Tasks view.

Choose Composite task, enter the task name, description (optional), and hit Next.

You will be presented with the following dialog:

Setting up a composite task

When creating a composite task, you need to specify which tasks the composite task consists of.

This can be done:

  1. By adding an existed task. To do that, click the button with plus sign

  2. By creating a new task and adding it simultaneously. To do that, click the button below the aforementioned button with the plus sign

  3. By drag-and-dropping a task from the _Database tasks panel.

As a side note, you can add a composite task to your new composite task.

You can edit tasks in the same dialog, delete a task from a composite task, and change the execution order.

There is also a very important checkbox, Ignore task error. The tasks from the composite task are executed in the order they appear in the settings dialog. Executing a task from a composite task might produce an error that will block the next tasks from proceeding. The Ignore task error checkbox can be used to bypass this behavior.