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Cloud Storage

Note: This feature is available in Enterprise and Team editions only.


CloudBeaver provides the ability to use your cloud storage services through a web interface. Currently, we support Amazon Simple Storage Service and Google Cloud Storage.

Within the file browser, you can interact with it like a regular file system, allowing you to:

  • upload new files to the bucket from your local storage;
  • download files to your local storage;
  • delete and rename files;
  • drag-and-drop files between buckets and different file systems.

File systems - operations

Configure the Cloud storage

To gain access to your storage, you should create a cloud configuration - AWS or GCP.

Then enable 'Cloud storage' in the Server configuration. Ensure that the relevant service (AWS, GCP) is also enabled.

File systems - server configuration

Navigate to the Tools menu on the main page of the app. Check the 'Cloud storage' option.

File systems - main page

And finally, to view your buckets, expand the file system tree. If you are not logged in under the required provider, a login window will appear. Use the preconfigured authentication.

File systems - authentication

Work with SQL scripts

The file type is recognized automatically. Only SQL scripts (.sql) could be opened in the app. Double-click on the file to open it in SQL editor. You can easily execute statements or make changes and save them directly to the cloud storage.

File systems - scripts