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Data Ordering

You can order data in columns in one of the following ways:

  1. Click the ordering icon Ordering Icon in the header of the column.

    Ordering states

    The icon has three states:

    • Clicking once establishes an ascending order Ascending Order
    • Clicking a second time changes the order to descending Descending Order
    • Clicking a third time removes the ordering from the column Ordering Icon

To order data by multiple columns, go column by column, holding the ctrl (windows) or cmd (mac) button, setting the order with the Ordering icon, starting from the column by which you want to order the data first.

  1. Open the context menu, click Sorting. Choose from the ordering states we have mentioned before. When we choose an ordering state from the context menu, there is no need to hold the ctrl or cmd button to order data by multiple columns.

Ordering states

To reset the column data ordering to its initial state, open the Cell context menu and click Sorting -> Disable. If you want to reset all data ordering, open the Cell context menu, then click Sorting -> Disable all. You can also click the Ordering icon in the header of the any column to reset all data ordering.