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Database Navigator



The Database Navigator is the main tool to work with the structure and content of databases. It is located on the left-hand side of the page and has the toolbar, the Settings menu and a tree of objects.



The Database Navigator contains a tree of objects. Each object in the tree has its own context menu. The tree can contain the following objects:

  • Folders 

  • Database connections

  • Database objects - various depending on the database type, such as Tables, Views, Indexes, etc.

To open the context menu for an object, hover your cursor over the object in the Database Navigator and click the sandwich button to the right of the object.

The following table summarizes the context menu items for all types of objects that may appear in the tree. Note that the presence or absence of the context menu items for an object depends on the database and object types.

Menu item Description
Open Opens an object in a separate Document viewer
SQL Editor Opens a new SQL Editor for the connection
Connection view Changes the view of the Database Navigator
Edit Connection Opens the Connection Configuration window that allows the configuration of connection settings
Disconnect Disconnects from the database
Delete Deletes an object.
WARNING! The Delete menu item removes the object not only from the tree but from the database itself or the file system, and this action is irreversible.
Refresh Refreshes the object’s subnodes – mostly used for refreshing schemas
Rename Opens the Rename dialog box for an object
Generate SQL Opens a submenu on which you can select the type of SQL query to generate:
Clicking one of the items (for example INSERT) generates a relevant query in a separate window
Export Opens the Export window for table data export

To establish a database connection, do one of the following:

  • open the connection;

  • expand the connection in the Database Navigator;

  • open the SQL Editor for the connection.

Users can store connections in folders.


Shortcut Description
Ctrl + F Filtering elements in tree
Ctrl + Shift + , Link with Editor
Ctrl + Shift + / Collapse all