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CloudBeaver release cycles


This article explores the release cycles and support periods, detailing how we organize software updates and support.

CloudBeaver release cycles

CloudBeaver releases updates on a structured schedule, providing users with regular enhancements, new features, and fixes.

Release schedule

  • Regular releases: CloudBeaver releases a new stable version every three months, resulting in four major updates annually.
  • Early Access (EA) versions: Additionally, CloudBeaver provides Early Access (EA) versions every two weeks. These versions allow users to engage with upcoming features and changes, offering feedback to help refine these enhancements before their official release.

Important: The EA version may not be as stable as the regular releases. Users are advised to use EA versions with caution.

Docker tags

The following tags determine the version you install on your machine:

  • ea: The tag ea is associated with the latest Early Access (EA) version that has been released.
  • latest: The latest tag points to the most recent stable version.
  • Versions with the specific numbers:
    • xx.0.1: Specifying a version in this format will download the exact version of the CloudBeaver.
    • xx.0: Using a version number formatted as xx.0 will download the latest version within the xx.0 series.
    • xx: Specifying just the major version number, like 24 will download the latest version within the major version 24 family.

Tip: Instruction for deploying CloudBeaver using Docker images can be found in our article.

Subscription license updates comparison

The following comparison table details the specific differences between Annual and Perpetual subscription. You can view your license type in on the website:

Annual subscription Perpetual subscription (Discontinued after version 23.3)
Version updates Access to all updates during the active license period, including Regular and EA releases. Access to all updates during the active license period, including Regular and EA releases.
Duration of access After the subscription expiration, access to new updates ceases. Continuous use of the last accessible version is permitted indefinitely post-license expiration.
Extension options Annual renewal of the subscription is required for ongoing access to updates. Optional extensions are available for access to subsequent updates.

Note: The primary distinctions between perpetual and annual subscriptions are tied to the Duration of access. While Perpetual license holders can use CloudBeaver indefinitely with the last update received, Annual subscribers need to renew their subscription to access CloudBeaver.