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Local Access Authentication

Note: This feature is available in Enterprise and Team editions only.


Local access authentication is a method for validating users based on usernames and passwords managed within the system.

Configuration steps

Step 1: Enabling local authentication

  1. As an administrator, navigate to the Settings -> Server configuration.

  2. Locate the Local option and activate this setting to allow local authentication.

  3. Save changes.

Step 2: Granting local access

To grant local access, administrators set up individual user accounts. This involves creating each account with a unique username and a secure password in the Administration section. For detailed guidance on creating user accounts, refer to the Users article.

Recovering from disabled authentication methods

If an administrator disables all types of authentication, including Local, the administrator cannot log in with their credentials after logging out. In such a situation, you need to:

  1. Open the file {cb_workspace}/.data/.cloudbeaver.runtime.conf.

  2. Find enabledAuthProviders.

  3. Add "local" to the list.

    "enabledAuthProviders": ["local"],
  4. Restart the server to apply the changes.