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DB Navigator Settings menu

DB Navigator Settings menu

The Settings menu gives access to additional tools of the Navigator tree. To open it, press the Settings button in the upper left corner of the DB Navigator.


The menu contains following tools:


The table below provides a description of each tool:

Tool Description
Filter Objects’ search in the Navigator tree. Enable the Filter switch to see the filter field and enter the object name to see relevant objects in the Navigator. The search goes among visible objects only.
Show collapsed The additional setting for the Filter. The search will also go through collapsed folders if the user has previously expanded them.
Save tree state Keep the Navigator tree view after refreshing the browser page. It’s enabled by default.
Folders Displays only one level of folders. The full path to the folder is shown as breadcrumbs. When a user double-clicks on an object, the path to it is displayed in the Navigator tree.
Group by Project Removes project names from the Navigator tree view.