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Open connection to remote database

  1. Select Connection > Manual > Custom in a main menu
  2. Select database
  3. Set connection options and driver properties and press Connect button

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Navigate database structure

After the connection has been established, the left application panel contains a navigation tree with a database structure

  1. Click element in the the tree to open/close nested elements
  2. Double-click to open object details on the right application panel
  3. Hover element and click on the burger icon to open a context menu of the element
    • the context menu of a connection allows you to close the connection (Disconnect) or open the SQL editor (SQL)

Navigation tree

View properties of database object

  1. Open a new connection
  2. Select a desired object in the navigation tree, then double-click on it
  3. Object property viewer is opened on the right panel

Property view

View and edit table data

  1. Open a new connection
  2. Select a table element in the navigation tree, then double-click on it
  3. Table viewer is opened in the right panel

Table view

Edit cell

Double-click cell to edit it. You can submit changes or cancel editing.

Note Submitted changes will be immediately applied to the database

Screenshot 2021-08-12 at 14 05 37

Copy cells

  • Use drag-n-drop to select a range of cells
  • Press Ctrl to add a new selection to the existing one
  • Click the index cell to select a row
  • Click the column cell to select a column

Note If the data table is big and only part of it is downloaded, only the loaded cells will be selected

  • Press Ctrl-C to copy the selected cells to the clipboard in CSV format

Execute SQL query

  1. Open a new connection
  2. Click SQL in the main menu
  3. SQL editor with results panel is opened
  4. Write SQL query and press Ctrl-Enter or click the Execute icon
  5. Query results will be shown in a tab on the SQL results panel

SQL Editor

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