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Query manager database configuration

It is possible to configure a database to store all information from the Query manager.

The configuration for the Query Manager database is located in the configuration file under the qm section. Additionally, you have the option to configure it using environment variables.

Typical configuration:

    server: {
    app: {
    qm: {
        driver: "${CLOUDBEAVER_QM_DB_DRIVER:h2_embedded_v2}",
        url: "${CLOUDBEAVER_QM_DB_URL:jdbc:h2:${workspace}/.metadata/qmdb/qmdb}",
        user: "${CLOUDBEAVER_QM_DB_USER:''}",
        password: "${CLOUDBEAVER_QM_DB_PASSWORD:''}",
        schema: "${CLOUDBEAVER_QM_DB_SCHEMA:''}"

Name Variable name Description
driver CLOUDBEAVER_QM_DB_DRIVER Database driver (e.g. postgres-jdbc, oracle-thin, etc)
url CLOUDBEAVER_QM_DB_URL Database JDBC URL (e.g. jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/qm)
user CLOUDBEAVER_QM_DB_USER Database user name
password CLOUDBEAVER_QM_DB_PASSWORD Database user password
schema CLOUDBEAVER_QM_DB_SCHEMA Database schema