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File Search

To search file contents for a string, click the Search button on the main toolbar or the arrow next to the Search button and then File Search on the dropdown menu:

The Search window opens displaying the File Search tab:

You can apply a case sensitive search, search by regular expressions, search among particular file types (File name patterns field), and use the find and replace function.

After you click Search, the results appear in a Search view. The results represent a tree or list of files with the search combination highlighted:

The toolbar of the Search view for File search provides more tools in addition to those available for all search types:

Show Next / Previous MatchOpen the file in a separate viewer and move the highlight to the next/previous match, respectively
Remove Selected MatchesRemoves selected row (row in focus) of the results
Remove All MatchesRemoves all results in the view
Expand/Collapse AllExpand/collapse the tree of results

The view also provides a view menu (click the View Menu button () in the upper-right corner of the view) that contains the following items:

Menu itemDescription
Show as ListPresents the results in the form of list
Show as TreePresents the results in the form of tree
FiltersOpens Search Filters dialog box
PreferencesOpens the Preferences window on the Search page

Double-clicking a results row opens it in a separate viewer.

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