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Pre configured Variables

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DBeaver includes pre-configured variables that facilitate automatic insertion. These variables allow for customization by integrating predefined environment or user-specific information. Variables such as ${host} and ${port} are used to dynamically adjust connection details, whereas ${date} and ${time} can be directly employed in SQL scripts for operations such as logging.

Tip: You can create your own custom variables in the Variables panel to suit your specific needs.


In the table below, you will find pre-configured variables used in DBeaver for automating and customizing database operations.

Variable Description Example value
${host} Target database host localhost
${host.tunnel} Tunnel host name localhost
${port} Target database port 5432
${database} Target database name postgres
${user} Database user name postgres
${url} Connection URL jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/postgres
${connection.type} Connection type dev
${datasource} Datasource postgres
${project.path} Project path /Users/user/Library/DBeaverData/workspace6/General
${project.name} Project name General
${workspace} Workspace path /Users/user/Library/DBeaverData/workspace6
${home} OS user home path /Users/user
${dbeaver_home} Application install path /Applications/DBeaverUltimate.app/Contents/Eclipse
${application.path} Application install path /Applications/DBeaverUltimate.app/Contents/Eclipse
${application.name} Application name DBeaver Ultimate
${application.version} Application version
${local.ip} Local IP address
${date} Current date 20240614
${time} Current time 15:30:00