DBeaver Documentation


Managing security restrictions for database connection


DBeaver allows the configuration of database connections with specific security settings. This can be done during the initial setup of a new connection or while editing an existing one.

Security restrictions settings

Within the Security section of the connection configuration, the following options are provided:

  1. Read-only connection: This setting, when enabled, restricts the connection to read-only operations, ensuring no data can be modified or deleted.

  2. By clicking on the Edit permissions, you can access additional security settings:

Setting option Description
Restrict data edit Disables the ability to modify data within the database through this connection.
Restrict structure edit Prohibits alterations to the database structure, such as tables or indices.
Restrict script execute Prevents script execution, safeguarding against potentially harmful actions.
Restrict data import Blocks the import of data from external sources into the database.

Tip: For additional settings and restrictions, especially for administrative purposes, refer to documentation on admin preference restrictions.