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SQL Terminal


SQL Terminal allows you to display the results of executed SQL queries in a text-based format within the SQL Editor.

SQL Terminal

To open the SQL Terminal, press the corresponding button on the SQL Editor toolbar.

Note: The toolbar is customizable. See Toolbar customization article.

In the SQL Terminal, you can view the result set, including data, errors, and statistical information along with the text of the executed query.

Context menu

A context menu is available by right-clicking within the SQL Terminal area. This menu provides quick access to various commands.

Command Description
Copy Copies the selected text to the clipboard.
Select All Selects all text in the SQL Terminal.
Toggle Word Wrap Toggles wrapping of long lines of text.
Find/Replace... Opens the find/replace dialog.
Clear Clears the contents of the SQL Terminal.


To configure SQL Terminal settings, go to Window -> Preferences -> Editors -> SQL Editor -> SQL Terminal.

Setting Description
Use SQL Terminal by default SQL Terminal will open for every new script.
Show query text Displays the text of the executed query in the terminal.
Show server output Shows output messages from the server in the terminal.