DBeaver Documentation


User Interface Themes

The interface themes governs the look and feel of the user interface's windows, dialogs, buttons, and all other visual components. By default, DBeaver is configured to use the Light theme.

Change the DBeaver theme

1) Go to Window -> Preferences -> User Interface -> Appearance.

2) Select from the following available themes:

  • Light
  • Dark
  • Classic

Note: To fully apply the selected theme, you must restart DBeaver.

Managing the High Contrast theme in Windows

Windows users have the additional option of using High Contrast themes. This section provides details on how DBeaver interacts with these themes.

Activation of High Contrast theme

When the High Contrast theme is activated in Windows, DBeaver automatically switches its theme to High Contrast. If DBeaver is already running when the system theme changes, a notification will appear suggesting a restart for the theme to apply correctly.

Deactivation of High Contrast theme

If you deactivate the High Contrast theme in Windows, it will automatically be removed from DBeaver's list of available themes after the restart.

Note: After disabling the High Contrast theme in Windows, DBeaver will revert to the theme that was previously selected.

High Contrast theme switching limitations

The theme switcher in DBeaver is disabled when the High Contrast theme is active in Windows. You cannot switch to a non-High Contrast theme in DBeaver unless you disable the High Contrast theme in Windows.