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Here is a complete list of default hotkeys in DBeaver UI for Windows, Linux, and macOS users. It will help you work in DBeaver faster and more efficiently. Remember that you can always change the keyboard shortcut in the DBeaver settings. Go through: Window -> Preferences -> User Interface -> Keys. Select command and add a keyboard shortcut to the Binding row.

If you mostly use keyboard, to get more shortcuts you can switch default key scheme to DBeaver Keyboard Only key scheme in Window -> Preferences -> User Interface -> Keys settings.


Shortcut for Windows/Linux Shortcut for macOS Action
F4 F4 Open object editor
Ctrl+Shift+N Ctrl+Shift+N Open Connect to a database window
Ctrl+Shift+D ⌃⇧D Open database meta-object
Ctrl+Alt+Enter ⌃⌥↩ Open a new SQL console. No script file will be created.
Ctrl+] ⌃] Create a new SQL script(***)
F3 F3 Open existing SQL script (***)
Ctrl+Enter ⌃↩ Open most recent SQL script(***) for an active connection
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+K ⌃4 Commit changes in current session
Alt+` ⌃V Shows context menu with database tools
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U ⌃⌥⇧U Generates UUID/GUID and inserts into an active text editor or data editor
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+B ⌃⌥⇧B Open database dashboard
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R ⌃8 Rollback changes in current session
Ctrl+0 ⌃0 Select active schema for current database
Ctrl+9 ⌃9 Select connection for current editor
Alt+Shift+Down/Up Alt+⌥+Down/Up Switch vertical tabs

Result Set

Shortcut for Windows/Linux Shortcut for macOS Action
Alt+Insert ⌥Insert Add new row
Ctrl+D ⌃D Copy values from row above to current row
Ctrl+Alt+D ⌃⌥D Copy values from row below to current row
Alt+Delete ⌥⌦ Delete current row
Ctrl+Alt+Insert ⌃⌥Insert Duplicate current row
Enter Edit cell value with inline editor
Esc Esc Reset cell to original value
Ctrl+S ⌃S Apply data changes
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T ⌃⌥⇧T Set focus to filter editor/data editor
Ctrl+Shift+7 ⌃⇧7 Switch focus to results viewer/active panel
Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+Tab Switch focus between the Grid view and the Value panel
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Enter ⌃⌥⇧↩ Apply cell changes
Shift+Enter ⇧↩ Edit cell value in separate dialog/editor
Ctrl+Shift+= ⌃⇧= Fetch all rows
Ctrl+Alt+N ⌃⌥N Fetch next page of results
Ctrl+F11 ⌃F11 Filter by unique attribute values
F11 F11 Filter context menu
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left ⌃⌥⇧← Move to first row
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Right ⌃⌥⇧→ Move to last row
Alt+Space ⌥Space Follow foreign key link
Ctrl+Alt+Right ⌃⌥→ Move to next row
Ctrl+Alt+Left ⌃⌥← Move to previous row
Ctrl+Shift+1 ⌃⇧1 Foreign keys and tables referencing current table
Ctrl+R ⌃R Reject data changes
Ctrl+Backspace ⌃⌫ Set cell to default value
Ctrl+` ⌃` Switch results presentation
Tab Tab Toggle results Grid/Record view
F7 F7 Toggle extra result panels
Ctrl+2 ⌃2 Toggle results sort order (ascending/descending/default)
Ctrl+Alt+C Select column(s)
Ctrl+Alt+R Select row(s)
Shift+F11 Show context menu for column
Ctrl+G Go to row
Ctrl+Shift+G Go to column

Result Set (Additional shortcuts for DBeaver Keyboard Only key scheme)

Shortcut for Windows/LinuxShortcut for macOSAction
Alt+Shift+RightMove column(s) right
Alt+Shift+LeftMove column(s) left
Alt+Shift+CCopy column names
Alt+Shift+HHide columns
Alt+Shift+TShow hidden columns
Alt+Shift+FOpen filters settings
Ctrl+Alt+F6Show/hide results panel (Calc)
Ctrl+Alt+F5Show/hide results panel (Grouping)
Ctrl+Alt+F4Show/hide results panel (Metadata)
Ctrl+Alt+F3Show/hide results panel (References)
Ctrl+Alt+F2Show/hide results panel (Value)

Data Editor

Shortcut for Windows/LinuxShortcut for macOSAction
Ctrl+Space⌃SpaceEnable autocomplete
Ctrl+F⌘FFind and replace text
Ctrl+Shift+Space⌃⇧SpaceShow Context Information in DIalogs and Windows
Ctrl+Alt+Space⌃⌥SpaceShow Context Information (SQL Editor Context)
Ctrl+X⌘XCut the selection to the clipboard
Ctrl+C⌘CCopy the selection to the clipboard
Ctrl+V⌘VPaste from the clipboard
DeleteDelete the selection
Ctrl+O⌘OExport Diagram
Ctrl+K⌘KFind next item
Ctrl+Shift+K⇧⌘KFind previous item
Ctrl+J⌘JIncremental find
Ctrl+Shift+J⇧⌘JIncremental find reverse
Ctrl+Shift+Q⌃⇧QToggles quick diff information display on the line number ruler
Ctrl+1⌘1Suggest possible fixes for a problem
Ctrl+Y⇧⌘ZRedo the last operation
Ctrl+Z⌘ZUndo the last operation
Shift+Delete⇧⌦Remove selected Pictogram Elements
Ctrl+A⌘ASelect all
Alt+Shift+A⌥⌘AToggle block/column selection in the current text editor
Ctrl+Shift+Insert⇧⌘InsertToggle insert mode
Alt+Shift+Y⌥⌘YToggle word wrap in the current text editor
Ctrl+F5⌘F5Update selected Pictogram Elements
Alt+/⌃.Context insensitive completion
Ctrl+Shift+Space⌃⇧SpaceContext insensitive completion (SQL Editor Context)

Text Editor

Shortcut for Windows/LinuxShortcut for macOSAction
Ctrl+Shift+Y⇧⌘YChanges the selection to lowercase
Ctrl+Shift+X⇧⌘XChanges the selection to uppercase
Ctrl+Numpad_Subtract⌘Numpad_SubtractCollapses the folded region at the current selection
Ctrl+Shift+Numpad_Divide⇧⌘Numpad_DivideCollapses all folded regions
Ctrl+Alt+Down⌥⌘↓Duplicates the selected lines and moves the selection to the copy
Ctrl+D⌘DDelete a line of text
Ctrl+Delete⌥⌦Delete the next word
Ctrl+Backspace⌥⌫Delete the previous word
Ctrl+Shift+Delete⇧⌘⌦Delete to the end of the line of text
Ctrl+Alt+Up⌥⌘↑Duplicates the selected lines and leaves the selection unchanged
Ctrl+Numpad_Add⌘Numpad_AddExpands the folded region at the current selection
Ctrl+Numpad_Multiply⌘Numpad_MultiplyExpands all folded regions
Ctrl+Shift+Enter⇧⌘↩Adds a new line above the current line
Shift+Enter⇧↩Adds a new line below the current line
Ctrl+Alt+JJoin lines of text (Editing Text)
Ctrl+Shift+J⌃⇧JJoin lines of text (SQL Editor Context)
End⌘→Go to the end of the line of text
Home⌘←Go to the start of the line of text
Alt+Down⌃⇧↓Moves the selected lines down (Editing Text)
Ctrl+Shift+Down⌥↓Moves the selected lines down (SQL Editor Context)
Alt+Up⌃⇧↑Moves the selected lines up (Editing Text)
Ctrl+Shift+Up⌥↑Moves the selected lines up (SQL Editor Context)
Ctrl+Right⌥→Go to the next word
Ctrl+Left⌥←Go to the previous word
Ctrl+Shift+Numpad_Multiply⇧⌘Numpad_MultiplyResets the folding structure
Ctrl+DownScroll down one line of text
Ctrl+UpScroll up one line of text
Shift+End⇧⌘→Select to the end of the line of text
Shift+Home⇧⌘←Select to the beginning of the line of text
Ctrl+Shift+Right⌥⇧→Select the next word
Ctrl+Shift+Left⌥⇧←Select the previous word
⇧↘Select to the end of the text
⇧↖Select to the beginning of the text
F2F2Displays information for the current caret location in a focused hover
Ctrl+EndGo to the end of the text
Ctrl+HomeGo to the beginning of the text
Ctrl+Numpad_Divide⌘Numpad_DivideToggles folding in the current editor
InsertInsertToggle overwrite mode
Ctrl++⌘+Zoom in text, increase default font size for text editors
Ctrl+=⌘=Zoom in text, increase default font size for text editors
Ctrl+-⌘-Zoom out text, decrease default font size for text editors

SQL Editor

Shortcut for Windows/Linux Shortcut for macOS Action
Alt+X ⌥X Execute SQL script(**)
Alt+N ⌥N Execute SQL script natively
Ctrl+Enter ⌃↩ Execute SQL statement(*)
Ctrl+ Execute SQL statement in a new tab
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X ⌃⌥⇧X Execute script's statements in separate results tabs
Ctrl+/ ⌃/ Add or remove single line comment
Ctrl+Shift+/ ⌃⇧/ Add or remove multi line comment
Ctrl+Alt+T ⌃⌥T Switch active SQL editor panel
Ctrl+T ⌃T Show/hide results panel
Ctrl+Shift+\ ⌃⇧\ Close results tab
Ctrl+Shift+F ⌃⇧F Format text
Ctrl+Alt+' ⌃⌥' Select value of the selected SQL expression
Ctrl+Shift+E ⌃⇧E Explain execution plan
Ctrl+Shift+[ ⌃⇧[ Position cursor on the matching bracket
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+O ⌃⌥⇧O Load SQL script from file system
Ctrl+Shift+T ⌃⇧T Maximize/normalize results panel
Alt+Down ⌥↓ Switch to the next query
Alt+Up ⌥↑ Switch to the previous query
Ctrl+F2 ⌃F2 Rename current SQL script
F4 F4 Open editor of current (highlighted) database object
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A ⌃⌥⇧A Select and show all rows (no fetch size limit)
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C ⌃⌥⇧C Select row count for query under cursor
Ctrl+Shift+. ⌃⇧. Set active connection from database navigator selection
Ctrl+Shift+O ⌃⇧O Show server output console
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+W ⌃⌥⇧W Toggles text editor soft word wrap
Ctrl+Shift+I ⌃⇧I Switch presentation to (AI Chat)

ER Diagrams

See ER Diagrams documentation for a list of shortcuts.

Visual Query Builder

Shortcut for Windows/Linux Shortcut for macOS Action
Ctrl+B ⌃B Open Visual Query Builder
Ctrl+Shift+B ⌃⇧B Show/hide generated SQL query text
Switch vertical tabs
Alt+1 ⌥1 Changes focus to the main tab
Alt+2 ⌥2 Changes focus to the palette
Alt+3 ⌥3 Changes focus to the outline
Alt+4 ⌥4 Changes focus to parameters
Alt+5 ⌥5 Switches to Visual Query Builder settings part
Alt+6 ⌥6 Switches to query preview

Important: The shortcuts Alt+1 through Alt+6 are only effective in the DBeaver Keyboard Scheme.


Shortcut for Windows/LinuxShortcut for macOSAction
Ctrl+H⌃HOpen the Search dialog
Ctrl+Alt+G⌥⌘GSearches the files in the workspace for specific text
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F⌥⇧⌘LQuick search in Windows

Data viewer

Shortcut for Windows/LinuxShortcut for macOSAction
TabTabCycle through hand tool and previously used tool
Ctrl+=⌘=Zoom In
Ctrl+-⌘-Zoom Out
Alt+Shift+Q, Q⌥⌘Q QShows a particular view
Alt+Shift+Q, B⌥⌘Q BShows a particular view (Breakpoints)
Alt+Shift+Q, C⌥⌘Q CShows a particular view (Console)
Alt+Shift+Q, L⌥⌘Q LShows a particular view (Error Log)
Alt+Shift+Q, Z⌥⌘Q ZShows a particular view (History)
Alt+Shift+Q, O⌥⌘Q OShows a particular view (Outline)
Alt+Shift+Q, X⌥⌘Q XShows a particular view (Problems)
Alt+Shift+Q, S⌥⌘Q SShows a particular view (Search)
Alt+Shift+Q, Y⌥⌘Q YShows a particular view (Synchronize)
Alt+Shift+Q, V⌥⌘Q VShows a particular view (Variables)


Shortcut for Windows/Linux Shortcut for macOSAction
F12 ⌘F12Activate Editor
⌘W Closes the active Dialog
Ctrl+3 ⌘3Find actions. Quickly access UI elements
Ctrl+M ⌃MMaximize/restore a state of active view or editor
Ctrl+F6 ⌘F6Switch to the next editor
Ctrl+F8 ⌘F8Switch to the next perspective
Ctrl+F7 ⌘F7Switch to the next view
Ctrl+Shift+F6 ⇧⌘F6Switch to the previous editor
Ctrl+Shift+F8 ⇧⌘F8Switch to the previous perspective
Ctrl+Shift+F7 ⇧⌘F7Switch to the previous view
Ctrl+E ⌘EOpen the editor drop-down list
⇧F10Show the context menu
Alt+Shift+F3 ⌥⇧F3Shows contribution information for the currently selected element
Ctrl+Shift+L ⇧⌘LShow the key assist dialog
Ctrl+F10 ⌘F10Show the context menu for the ruler
Alt+- ⇧⌘F10Show the system menu
Ctrl+F10 ⌘F10Show the view menu
Ctrl+Shift+E ⇧⌘ESwitch to an editor
Alt+F11 ⌃⌘FToggles the window between full screen and normal
Ctrl+_ ⇧⌘-Split or join the currently active editor (Horizontal)
Ctrl+_ ⇧⌘[Split or join the currently active editor (Vertical)

Database Navigator

Shortcut for Windows/LinuxShortcut for macOSAction
Ctrl+Shift+,⌃⇧,Link with editor
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D⌃⌥⇧DAdd Bookmark
EnterOpens task configuration
Ctrl+Shift+A⌃⇧ASet as default object

Properties Entity Editor

Shortcut for Windows/LinuxShortcut for macOSAction
Alt+Shift+UpAlt+Shift+UpSwitch to the next entity property left-side tab
Alt+Shift+DownAlt+Shift+DownSwitch to the previous entity property left-side tab
Switch vertical tabs

Navigation tree

Shortcut for Windows/LinuxShortcut for macOSAction
Alt+Left⌘[Move backward in the editor navigation history
Ctrl+Shift+Numpad_Divide⇧⌘Numpad_DivideCollapse the current tree
Ctrl+Shift+Numpad_Multiply⇧⌘Numpad_MultiplyExpand the current tree
Alt+Right⌘]Move forward in the editor navigation history
Ctrl+G⌃GGo to a specified line of text in Windows
Ctrl+L⌘LGo to a specified line of text (Editing Text)
Ctrl+.⌘.Navigate to the next item
Ctrl+Alt+Right⌃⌥→Next edit location
Alt+F7⌥F7Switch to the next page
Alt+PageDown⌥⇟Switch to the next sub-tab
Ctrl+PageDown⌃⇟Switch to the next tab
Ctrl+Shift+R⇧⌘ROpen an editor on a particular item
Ctrl+,⇧⌘.Navigate to the previous item
Ctrl+Alt+Left⌃QPrevious edit location
Alt+Shift+F7⌥⇧F7Switch to the previous page
Alt+PageUp⌥⇞Switch to the previous sub-tab
Ctrl+PageUp⌃⇞Switch to the previous tab
Alt+Shift+W⌥⌘WOpen the Show In menu


Shortcut for Windows/LinuxShortcut for macOSAction
F2F2Rename the selected item
F5F5Refresh the selected items
Ctrl+S⌘SSave the changes in current file
Ctrl+Shift+S⇧⌘SSave changes in all open files
Ctrl+F4⌘WClose the active editor
Ctrl+Shift+F4⇧⌘WClose all editors
Ctrl+N⌘NOpen the New item wizard
Alt+Shift+N⌥⌘NOpen the New menu
Ctrl+O⌃OOpen a file
Alt+Enter⌘IDisplay the properties of the selected item


Shortcut for Windows/LinuxShortcut for macOSAction
Ctrl+Alt+M⌥⌘MAdd memory block
Ctrl+W⌘WClose the selected rendering
F11⌘F11Launch in debug mode
Ctrl+Z⌃DSend end of file
Ctrl+G⌘GGo to Address
Ctrl+N⌘NAdd a new rendering
Ctrl+Alt+N⌥⌘NShow renderings from next memory monitor.
Ctrl+Shift+.⇧⌘.Load next page of memory
Ctrl+Shift+,⇧⌘,Load previous page of memory
Ctrl+F11⇧⌘F11Launch in run mode
Ctrl+R⌘RResume and break when execution reaches the current line
Ctrl+Alt+B⌃⌥BSets whether or not any breakpoint should suspend execution
F5F5Step into
F6F6Step over
F7F7Step return
Ctrl+Shift+B⇧⌘BCreates or removes a breakpoint
Ctrl+T⌘TToggle visibility of the Memory Monitors Pane
Shift+F5⇧F5Toggles enablement of debug step filters


Shortcut for Windows/LinuxShortcut for macOSAction
Ctrl+Left⌘←Collapse Working Tree
Ctrl+C⌘CCopy Path to Clipboard
Ctrl+O⌘OShow the quick outline for a unified diff
F2F2Rename Branch
Ctrl+Shift+K⌃⇧KCommit changes to Git
Ctrl+Shift+U⌃⇧UUpdate changes from Git


Shortcut for Windows/LinuxShortcut for macOSAction
Ctrl+B⌘BBuild all projects


Shortcut for Windows/LinuxShortcut for macOSAction


Shortcut for Windows&Linux Shortcut for macOS Action
Ctrl+Shift+C ⌃⇧C Advanced Copy
Ctrl+Shift+V ⌃⇧V Paste with extra settings
CTRL+ALT+PAGE_UP CTRL+ALT+PAGE_DOWN Switch between tabs in database object Properties view
Alt+Insert ⌘+N Create Object
It is available both in the Database Navigator and the Properties Editor.


Shortcut for Windows&LinuxShortcut for macOSAction
F1F1Open the documentation


* - Current query is the query under cursor or the selected text. Query is separated from other script queries by delimiter (; by default) or by empty lines.
** - Current script is a set of all queries in the current SQL file. If there is a text selection then only queries in this selection are processed. Queries are separated from each other with a delimiter (; by default).
*** - Current connection detected from active window and selection. If active (focused) window is SQL editor or database object editor then the current connection is the same as in this editor. If the active window is the database navigator then the active connection is the "owner" connection of the currently selected element. In other cases there is no current connection and DBeaver will ask you to choose the connection explicitly.