DBeaver Documentation


Posting issues

A few tips.

  • Check existing issues for your issue (including closed ones). Duplicating an issue is slower for both parties so search through the open and closed issues to see if what you are running into has already been addressed.
  • Be clear about what your problem is: what was the expected outcome, what happened instead? Detail how someone else can recreate the problem.
  • If you posting a bug report check "Error Log" view. If there are any errors related to your bug then post a complete stacktrace. Sometimes there are no errors in Error Log - if so, try to find them in log files.
  • If your issue is related to database data or metadata management - check the Query Manager view. It contains information about all queries DBeaver executes (explicitly or implicitly). To see more detailed information you can configure Query Manager in Preferences.

  • Depending on the nature of your bug report provide information about:

    • Operating system
    • Window manager (for Linux)
    • Database (name and version)
    • Database driver (name and version)
  • Do not write issue type in the issue title (like Feature Request:, Bug: etc). We will review your issue and assign a corresponding label.