DBeaver Documentation


Properties Editor


When you open the Properties tab of the Database Object Editor, you'll encounter the following interface elements:

  • Database object's properties: displays the properties of the current database object.
  • Tabbed editors: These vary depending on your database. Depending on the database you're working with, you'll see different tabs reflecting that particular database's unique characteristics and requirements.
  • Sub-entities properties: These contain the properties of the object's sub-entities. To access these properties, click the tabs in the Tabbed Editors.
  • The Toolbar provides tools for managing these sub-entities.

Key Operations

To interact with the Properties Editor page, you can use Toolbar controls, execute commands from context menu associated with sub-entities, and utilize related keyboard shortcuts.

Toolbar controls

The toolbar at the bottom of the editor provides the following tools for the majority of sub-entities, except for some specific ones like SQL-based views (DDL and Source):

Button Name Description
Search items Displays a search field next to the button:
- Type in the search combination - the content updates dynamically
- To remove the filter, click the cross icon next to the search field.
Filter settings Opens the Filtering window, which allows setting a custom filter, see Configure Filters.
Configure columns Opens the Configure columns dialog box to select the columns to display or hide in the current view.
Refresh the selected items Depending on the database type, refreshes either the current item or its parent or the whole database object – reloading data from the database.
View Opens an editor/viewer for the item currently in focus.
Create new [items] Creates a new item of the same type as currently displayed in the open view, for example, a column.
Delete database object Deletes the item currently in focus.
Save the current contents - Same as the Save button on the main application toolbar
- Same as Ctrl+S(or ⌘S for MacOS)

Opens the Persist Changes window that allows saving changes in the currently open sub-entity.
Revert to the last saved state Reverts all changes made to the database object to the previous saved state.

Context menu

The Properties of the sub-entities have context menus that offer the same commands as the Database Navigator. To access these menus, right-click on the item.