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Background Tasks


Background tasks in DBeaver are operations that run behind the scenes, allowing you to continue working without disruption. These tasks can involve a range of operations, such as data transfer and SQL script execution, amongst others.

Opening the Background Tasks View

You can open the Background Tasks view from the main menu by clicking Window -> Show View -> Other. In the Show View window, click Background Tasks, and then click Open:

Tip: You can also open the Background Tasks view from other views or editors. For example, in the Search view, when a search takes time, a button appears in the bottom-right corner. Click it to open the Background Tasks view.

Utilizing the Background Tasks View

The Background Tasks view comprehensively displays the progress of background tasks like Search and SQL query execution. It becomes beneficial when you want to monitor the progress of time-consuming operations. The view displays detailed data when background tasks consume a noticeable amount of time.

Task management

Canceling a Task

If you need to cancel a task in progress, it is possible to do so directly from the Background Tasks view. Click the Cancel Operation button to stop the ongoing task immediately, freeing up resources for other operations.

Removing all finished operations

In the Background Tasks view, DBeaver also provides an option to remove all finished operations from the list to declutter the view and focus on ongoing tasks. To use this feature, click the Remove all finished operations button . It helps in maintaining a neat and organized task view, enabling you to manage your current tasks without distractions from completed operations.