DBeaver Documentation


Database Object Editor

The Database object, or metadata editor is available for multiple database objects such as tables, views and schemas. To open the metadata editor for an object, in the Database Navigator or in the Projects view:

  • Double-click the database object
  • Click the database object and press Enter or F4

Upon performing these steps, you will see a window where the tabs contain the following common parts:


  • The Properties tab, available for all objects, encompasses the properties of the database object as well as its sub-entities. For more information, please refer to the Properties Editor article.
  • The Data tab appears for tables and views and represents the Data Editor.
  • The ER Diagram tab appears for tables and schemas and displays ERD (Entity Relation Diagrams).

Database object path

The object's path shows the chain of all its parent entities. The entities are clickable: clicking an entity in the path, depending on its nature, either shows its children or opens an editor or a settings window.

Content area and Toolbar

The Content Area and Toolbar are key parts of the Properties tab. The Content Area shows information about a database object and things like its sub-parts or DDL. The Toolbar has different tools on each tab to help with different tasks.