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PostgreSQL Extensions

DBeaver offers support for PostgreSQL extensions. These tools allow you to customize and extend your database's functionality beyond its default capabilities. From adding new data types and functions to enhancing performance and database operations, PostgreSQL extensions offer a range of possibilities.

The ability to install, use, and delete PostgreSQL extensions within DBeaver provides a seamless and integrated experience, making it simpler for you to leverage the full potential of your PostgreSQL database system.

Install Extensions

With DBeaver, you have two ways to install PostgreSQL Extensions - through the Database Navigator and using the SQL Editor.

Note: Be sure to have the appropriate permissions to perform the installation. The ability to add extensions typically requires database administrative privileges. Without these, you may encounter errors during the installation process.

Database Navigator

Navigate to the Database Navigator -> Databases -> Extensions. Right-click on the Extensions and select Create New Extension. In the opened dialog box, you can select the Schema, required Extension from the list and confirm the installation.

SQL Editor

Alternatively, you can install an extension directly using a SQL command. Open the SQL Editor, and type the appropriate SQL command to create the extension. For example, to install the "uuid-ossp" extension, you would run:


Then, execute the command. DBeaver will run this command on your PostgreSQL server to install the extension.

Using Extensions

After installing the extension, its functionality becomes available. New functions, data types, operators, or other features may be available in your SQL queries depending on the extension.

For example, if you have the uuid-ossp extension installed, you can use the uuid_generate_v4() function to generate universally unique identifiers (UUID). It can be used directly in SQL queries or as a default value when creating a new table.

Deleting Extensions

Deleting an extension in DBeaver is as simple as installing one. Navigate to the Extensions in the Database Navigator, right-click on the extension you wish to remove, and select Delete. Confirm the deletion in the dialog box that appears.

Important: Dropping an extension will remove all functionalities and data types associated with it. Ensure you have a clear understanding of the impact on your database before performing this operation.