DBeaver Documentation


Client Side Scripting

You can use special commands in the SQL scripts.
These commands are executed on DBeaver's side, not on the server-side.

DBeaver supports the following commands:

Command Database Description
@set var = value All Sets a script variable.
You can use expressions as a value. Variables can be used as SQL queries input parameters.
For more information see Dynamic parameter bindings
@unset var All Unsets a script variable.
@echo message All Prints message to output log. You can use a macro in a message (for example ${var}).
@include fileName All - Executes a specified file name,
- Can be used in scripts,
- Opens a new SQL console with the specified file and processes SQL queries as in a regular SQL editor.
@export { ... } All Opens the data transfer wizard with predefined settings.
For more information see the main article.
source fileName MySQL The same as @include but in MySQL CLI syntax
define var = value Exasol The same as @set but in Exasol EXAPlus syntax.