DBeaver Documentation


Getting started

Welcome to DBeaver, a powerful and user-friendly database management tool. This guide will help you get started with DBeaver, from installation to basic database operations.


DBeaver is an open-source universal database tool that supports a wide variety of databases including SQL, NoSQL, and more. It provides an intuitive interface for database management, development, and analysis.

First steps

To ensure a smooth start with DBeaver, we have outlined the initial steps you need to take. These steps will guide you from download and installation to basic database operations, helping you to become familiar with DBeaver's environment and its powerful features.

  • Download DBeaver
    Please download DBeaver from the official website. Choose the appropriate version for your operating system

  • Install DBeaver
    Follow the instructions to install DBeaver on your operating system.

  • Import license
    If you have a PRO version, learn how to import your license to unlock the full capabilities of DBeaver.

  • Interface overview
    Get familiar with DBeaver's user interface to navigate through the tool efficiently.

  • Basic operations
    Walk through the basic steps for your first use of DBeaver.

DBeaver essentials

Refer to these resources for comprehensive support in your database operations.

Additional resources

Here are some resources for additional support and information:

  • DBeaver Blog
    Read about the latest developments, features, and insights from the DBeaver team on our official blog.

  • YouTube channel
    Watch tutorials, feature overviews, and other helpful videos to get the most out of DBeaver.

  • Twitter updates
    Follow DBeaver on Twitter for the latest news, updates, and tips.

  • Edition comparison
    Compare different DBeaver editions to find the one that fits your needs the best.