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Note: This feature is available in Enterprise, Ultimate and Team editions only.

Connecting to Couchbase server

Couchbase client uses multiple ports to connect to a cluster (8091-8096, 9140, etc). Some of these ports are dynamic (i.e. depend on server settings) and cannot be overwritten. It makes SSH tunnelling impossible. Thus, if you work with a remote Couchbase deployed behind a firewall, you will need to setup a VPN connection or SOCKS proxy.

Viewing and editing Couchbase tables

Couchbase is a document-oriented database. It means that all documents may have different structures.
You can view/edit buckets content, such as standard relational tables (grid/plain text presentations) or JSON documents.

Executing Couchbase queries

Couchbase uses N1QL language for queries. It is very similar to the standard SQL language.

SELECT country FROM `travel-sample` WHERE name = "Excel Airways";

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