DBeaver Documentation



Views are windows within the workspace that provide presentations and ways to navigate the information. The main views in DBeaver are: Database Navigator, Projects and Project Explorer.

To open a view:

  • On the Window menu, click Show View and then, on the submenu, click the name of the view. Click Other if the view is not visible on the submenu.
  • For Database Navigator, Projects, and Project Explorer views, on the Window menu, just click the name of the view.

Some views open on demand, for example the Search view opens to show search results.

Views provide their own toolbar and menu:

To open the view menu, click the View Menu button in the upper-right corner of the view's title bar, next to the Minimize button.

The toolbar contains buttons applicable to the objects displayed in the view. The set of enabled and disabled buttons depends on the object in focus.

Views also provide context menus for objects they display. To open a context menu for an object, right-click the object.